Clitoral or Vaginal Orgasm Traffic sign with two options two types of sexual excitement. Stimulation of clitoris by masturbation or oral sex vs penetration of vagina and stimulation of G spot  - G-spot or clitoris?

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The big mystery! Are you most likely to have an orgasm with your clit or your g-spot? Well let me tell you that 9 out of 10 women are clitoral. Not a lot of women had the chance to discover the joy and satisfaction to have a vaginal orgasm. Why? Us women are physiologically complicated. Our vaginas are all made differently. Being a woman is already hard, our bodies had to make it harder, of course. But let’s not give up girls! You need to take some time to explore your secret garden.
For the exploration part, few went down there and took a long and awkward time to explore the deepest part of our being. Some of us are even repulse by it and it should never be that way! Let’s pitch some numbers to see how it look, shall we? 90% of women had a clitoral orgasm by masturbation, but only 40% of us had a clitoral orgasm from our partners. Isn’t weird?
For you boys maybe, but let me tell you the secret in order to make your queen moan… THE FEELINGS!! You boys need to learn that we have to feel in order to come! We need to feel the desire, the sensuality, we need to be aroused!
Ladies this is good for you too! If you aren’t feeling it, you never will. There needs to be efforts coming from both sides, but it’s proven, women need a little more work to reach the orgasm.
For the G-spot, it is supposed to be located 2 to 3 inch inside the vagina, on the front wall. Now, as I was saying earlier, since not a single woman is made the same way, you need to find the part that is more (sorry for using this term) rugged in your vagina. It can be somewhere near the entrance or far far away. It is your job to find it and to inform your partner of its location. Your partner had others before you and will do what he (or she) think is right. Communication is key in these situations. No communication, no pleasure in most of the cases.
If you are having some trouble finding your G-spot or even your clitoris never forget that sex toys are often the best and most enjoyable way to discover yourself a little. Don’t hesitate to go check them out, they exist. We shouldn’t hesitate to get one of these in order to know ourselves better, and the discovery can be done with another person. It is enjoyable for everyone who will be there, because, trust me girls, boys LOVE watching us masturbate! Think about it, go explore, let it be your own big adventure.

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