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The Kinkee family is now finally open! We are ready and waiting for you with our arms open.

Just tell us what you need! A clitoris massager? Not a problem, we have a fine selection of beautiful wands that’ll make you dream! Rather have a double simulator both for your g-spot and clitoris? Sure thing sweetheart, you can choose between our two wonderful models that were created for women of every type and form. What about the gentlemen? Don’t worry, Vanessa will take great care of you, she’s not just a specialist, she’s the best you’ll ever meet! Whatever you are looking for, the Kinkee family have it! What makes us unique are 3 simple things :

  1. Fist of all our manufacturing and import methods are totally different from the others. Since we are online, you won’t have to spend your money on a whole lot of things you didn’t even know you were paying for in the first place! Let us explain; therefore, you won’t have to pay for the shipping to the distribution central, the shipping to all the stores and every employees who are taking care of your precious package. With us it’s simple. From the manufacturer to you directly. No stress, no pressure from the salesman. It is your choice and yours only!
  2. Secondly, we are a 100% Canadian! When you buy from us, you encourage not only your sexual life, but your whole country! Too often Canadian companies products cost a fortune, it shouldn’t be that way! If you want to buy local, you should have it at a reasonable price. That’s what we offer here, local and affordable luxurious sextoys just for you.
  3. And finally we offer you help! You are not alone in your decision! Nothing like a salesman who propose you stuff you don’t even need, no. We offer you a free service that puts you in contact with one of our best sex therapist! If you have a doubt, a question or just want some information about one of our accessories, you can always write her a message and she will answer you directly. All this intimately, in a private and secure conversation. Our customers satisfaction and knowledge are our priority! We want you to learn about yourself, to discover your own body in a safe and enjoyable way. The Kinkee family is here to take you on a wonderful journey that is your sexuality.

Only 3 simple reasons, but we hope we convinced you with those facts that your sexuality and health are important! We go through life thinking that we know what we’re doing, but sometimes, just asking the right questions to the appropriate person can show us how little we actually know ourselves! We are here for your pleasure and knowledge. Don’t be shy, come and see by yourself!

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