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When I was 16, I got pregnant.
Through the course of our lives many women have felt or are feeling the desire to have a child. I understand, who never felt a tiny heartwarming feeling while holding a baby? I’ve always felt like I could be a good mother, but a feeling and the reality are two different thing.
When I was younger, I got pregnant.
I was in high school, my last year before I go to college. I managed to have great friends, a really good boyfriend who loved and took great care of me, a boring job and good grades. Everything was like it was supposed to be when you’re 16. Then, without paying enough attention, life went by too fast and I learned by the school nurse that I was almost 4 months pregnant.. My life was put on pause. I was facing two choices.
Everyday we make decisions that are life changing, we are just never aware of it. At that moment, I was purely aware that whatever the decision was, it’ll change my life. I only had a couple days to decide if I was going to raise a child with someone who I knew was going to be a great dad or finish my studies and go on with my life.
I know what you’re thinking, because that is what I did. I wasn’t ready.
They say that you never really are ready for a child. But clearly, I wasn’t. I was a child on my own who barely had a high school diploma and a job. It may sound selfish for some, but for me I know I made the right decision. This might be a sensitive subject, but it shouldn’t.
Shortly after that, I broke up with my boyfriend at the time. I went to college. Had lots of fun, met new people and had tons of experiences. Also did a trip in Asia for 3 months with my best friend! Today I’m looking back and realized now more than never that if I would have kept the child, I would never have experienced the fun of going out for the first time with my friends or the pride of being accepted in a college. I would’ve skipped my adolescence. This phase so important in life where you find yourself, where you learn who you are. I wanted to live my life before dedicating entirely to someone else. Sometime ladies, it is perfectly okay to make yourself a priority, because it is your life that your living, not someone else’s.
I don’t want to think about what my life would’ve been with a child, because I that’s not the life I chose. I chose to be who I am today, and I am perfectly fine with that. Maybe one day, I will have a child, but who knows?
And one step at the time we go.
-R. M. O.

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