Woman’s Sex Toys

Ever wanted to go in one of those sex shops, but were too scared to do it? At Kinkee.ca, you will discover a great variety of vibrators. We have one for everyone of every taste and even more. If you are more sensitive clitoris wise, our Magic Wand vibrator will help you reach that orgasm you were desperately trying to reach for all these years. The bigger ones for more power, more surface and more control over the intensity. The smaller ones if you are looking for something a little bit more discreet. Perfect size to integrate your couple’s sexual life. Its small shape will bring just as much pleasure to you than your partner. Canadian Magic Wand are the best at what they do! Feeling adventurous? Try the new Lipstick vibrator. Small and discreet, slide it in your purse and bring it everywhere with you. The size and the shape of a real lipstick will fool everyone, but you. No need to wait until your at home to practise your favorite activity. With our help, you can bring the fun everywhere you go. If you are craving for oral sex, the tongue sex toy is the perfect match for you. Imagine incredible oral sex and add some vibrations. You have your perfect combination. It’s as simple as that. We still have more, but it is for you to discover. Come visit us at Kinkee.ca for more discoveries and surprises.

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